Alexander the Great Darius Dagger by Marto of Toledo Spain SFMADA522S 522

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Persian Dagger of Darius by Marto

officially licensed Alexander replica.

As with its sensational full-blade counterpart, its handle and end cap instantly draw the eye to the stunning flourish of silver, gold and cerulean- colored gemstones

Heat-tempered stainless steel imbues the 7-inch long double-edge blade with strength and sheen

Accompanying scabbard is crafted of antiqued, full-grain leather dressed with brass-colored sheath guards

Darius dagger features
Persian dagger

officially licensed Alexander movie 2004 replica.
Alexander the Great (Alexander III of Macedon, 356-352 BC) was one of the best generals and conquerors in military history.

Darius (Darius III) was last king of Achamenid Persian Empire. Darius has been defeated by Alexander (Battle of Issus, Gaugamela). Dareius has been murdered by Bessus, Persian nobleman and buried by order of Alexander as the true king in royal tomb in Persepolis.
  • Overall Length: 12 3/4 inches
  • Blade: 7 3/4 inches - Stainless Steel
  • Handle: 5 inches
  • Grip: pewter, bronze detail with blue stone inlay
  • Blade Stamps: Marto "M", Marto - Toledo, Made in Spain
  • Box: Marto Made in Toledo Spain emblem
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