Masonic Sword Deep Etching by Marto of Toledo Spain (Gold) MADE775

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The Deep Etching Masonic Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is inspired with the symbology of the popular esoteric Brotherhood, born officially in western Europe between the late 17th and the early 18th centuries, where the investiture of the new adepts is based also on the rituals of Medieval Knighthood. The Freemasonry Masonic Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain has a tempered stainless steel with deep etching blade. The hilt is cast metal with Gold plating with Silver plated inlays depicting symbols of the masonic tradition. The hand grip is covered in green velvet, ornamented with Gold plated metal. The disk shaped pommel frames a five pointed star intertwined with a "G".

Throughout history, as an instrument of justice, truth, equality and firmness, swords have been used at every great event and have become imbued with great symbolism. For this reason, Freemasons use swords in all their ceremonies.
FREEMASONRY: "a philanthropic, philosophic and forward-looking institution intended to achieve an understanding of truth, the study of ethics and the practice of solidarity, working for the material and moral improvement of humanity, it is compatible with any religious or esoteric faith which does not annul the freedom of individuals". Starting from the tradition of Freemason builders harking back to the "medieval masons and architects", freemasonry pursues the personal self-construction of the individual.
This unique FREEMASON MASONIC SWORD contains a great many of the symbols used in the craft, particularly the compass and set square, the plumb line and the hammer, the sacred book and the eye of the Supreme Being, and the five-pointed star inscribed with the capital "G" of the Great Architect. "WHAT YOU MAKE MAKES YOU"

Overall Length: 116 cms - 46 inches

  • Blade: AISI 420 Tempered Stainless Steel with deep etching
  • Handle: Zamak - Gold plated with Silver plated inlays
  • Beautiful Display Sword