Teutonic Knight Tunic - W1518T

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Order of the Teutonic Knights Tunic

The German Order of the Teutonic Knights was formed at the end of the 12th century and played an important part in the defense of Acre during the Third Crusade. They later moved their base of operations to Transylvania to help defend Hungary against the Cumans.

Teutonic Knight Tunic,

  • • This Teutonic Knight's tunic is made from medium weight white cotton/polyester.
  • • An imposing black velvet cross has been stitched to the chest and faux leather trim the collar and shoulders. 
  • • Splits in the front and back as well as both sides make it a perfect fighting tunic and allow room for riding.

This Teutonic Knights Tunic matches our Teutonic Knight Cape #W1518C (sold separately)


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